What's At Stake

Top Issues we are facing in the upcoming elections

Protecting Abortion Rights

Every individual in Tennessee has the right to make decisions about their own body. Unfortunately, our legislators don’t think that’s the case and want to take that right away. Tennessee is one of 13 states with “trigger laws” that will outlaw abortion once the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade. That means over half of Tennesseans will lose access to potentially life-saving healthcare. We say enough is enough. Any individual in Tennessee who seeks out an abortion should have the right to do so at any time, without question.

Join us and tell the supermajority to keep their bans off our bodies.



Over 80% of Tennesseans agree that cannabis legalization needs to happen. Despite that overwhelming majority, the supermajority would still waste our tax dollars on criminalizing something that 19 states (and counting) did away with. Instead, we can listen to the residents of Tennessee and use the revenue to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, fund our failing schools, and provide the basic services our state severely lacks. It’s time our “leaders” in Nashville listen to the voters of Tennessee and end cannabis prohibition once and for all.

Step up and make your voice heard that cannabis legalization has a home in Tennessee.

Bill Lee

It’s no secret that Governor Bill Lee has no real interest in moving Tennessee forward. It seems every other week he signs some sort of legislation that is immediately met with a lawsuit. And his complete lack of leadership reared its head the most during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, when he and his cronies faced a constant barrage of lawsuits for their wholehearted support of the Trumpist idea that if we pretend it’s not there, it will magically go away. Add that to his growing support of Christian Nationalism and the picture is quite clear, we need a new governor.

Stand alongside us to give Bill Lee the boot and bring new leadership into the governor’s mansion.

Amendment 1

If any adage about legislation is true, it’s that if it is good for businesses, it is bad for workers. This could not be more true for the supermajority’s push for Amendment 1, or the “Right to Work” bill. The only thing this bill gives workers the right to do is to work for less wages, worse conditions, and complete subordination to their employers. Not only that, it completely removes one of the core tenants of the federal First Amendment: the right to organize. In a time when corporate profits are at their highest, we need to protect workers, not the interest of big business, because, without workers, there would be no profits.

Make your voice heard and say no to Amendment 1 and protect workers’ rights all across Tennessee.

Ending the Slate of Hate

If anything is constant about the Tennessee legislature, it’s that each year they chip away at the freedoms of the LGBTQ+ community through the heralded “Slate of Hate.” Instead of focusing on what can be done to combat skyrocketing housing prices, shrinking wages, or the laundry list of other issues, the supermajority continues to invest their energy attacking the most vulnerable Tennesseans. Tennessee should be a home to everyone, not just those that agree with the supermajority. It’s time we put an end to the Slate of Hate and let Tennesseans know that y’all means all.

Pledge to end the Slate of Hate alongside us and make Tennessee a home for everyone.

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